Monday, May 2, 2011

Crimson Dawn gets it's first review!

Crimson Dawn has gotten it's first review from the wonderful Sally Sapphire; the web mistress behind the Bibrary Bookslut blog.  Crimson Dawn review

Here is a sample of what she had to say about my novel. 

What Ronnie has also done, and this is what really excited me about the novel, is work in a wondrously diverse system of magic and mythology. Her reality encompasses the fairy realm, old-fashioned genies and golems, traditional witches, and contemporary voodoo - all alongside the vampire, were-beasts, and other races that you'd expect from the urban fantasy genre. Under the guidance of a less talented author this could be a mess, but she makes it work so well we never question it.

 Crimson Dawn is my debut novel and the first in the Darklife Saga.  It will be available online this week from Copperhill Media.  I am running a contest both here and on my website so be sure to check it out.  Also be sure to head over to and sign up for the newsletter so you can stay on top of all things Crimson Dawn and Darkworld related.

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