Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Authors To Know

Since publishing my first short Never Again: An Irulan Short on Amazon, I have quickly learned the importance of book bloggers.  In the age of e-books and with the number of indie and self-published authors ever climbing, book bloggers are an indispensable asset to an author.

A lot of book bloggers take their time and review books for little or no monetary compensation at all.  All they ask is the author supply them with the material.  I was a reader long before I aspired to write.  I have read God knows how many books, and while I do post the occasional review on Goodreads and Amazon, I know I do not have the patience and love of blogging to be a book blogger.

Exposure is vital to a new authors success, and as one I want to help others get their works to the eyes of readers.  So instead of blogging I have added an 'Authors To Know' page on my website.  I will be posting info on new, up and coming, indie and self-published authors.  If they have work that is available in one format or another I will also add it to my Amazon storefront.  I will also begin posting guest author interviews once or twice a week.

If you are a new author and would like to be featured, drop me a line and let me know.

My Website

Monday, May 30, 2011

Book Signing!

The BooKnack in Rock Hill, SC has been gracious enough to host a book signing for me.  The signing will be June 25th 1pm-3pm.  If you are in the Rock Hill, SC-Charlotte, NC area then come on out and snag your own signed copy of Crimson Dawn.
Here is the synopsis for Crimson Dawn:
Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.  When vampire Valeria Trumaine comes home one morning to find her father waiting for her, she knows she’s about to get trouble in spades.  She just never imagined it would come in the form of her ex-fiancé. Now she must confront old demons and face new possibilities as she struggles to bring the rouge vampire to justice.
After she left him, Valeria avoided Tristan like the plague, but now that he’s gone rogue, she’s going to have to utilize every thing she’s learned as a sentinel to find him. Finding Tristan proves to be more dangerous than anyone realized. He’s changed in ways that go against nature, and has become more dangerous than anyone ever imagined.
Refusing to let her face the abomination that Tristan has become alone, Val’s best friend and powerful Sidhe princess, Irulan joins the hunt. Valeria will find that Irulan’s motives for keeping her safe aren’t what she thinks.  Soon she’s faced with an undeniable attraction that makes her question everything she knew about herself.
Can she accomplish her task and prevent more innocent lives from being destroyed? Can she do it and not loose herself to his madness? In the middle of all the madness, can she embrace the unexpected love that fate has thrown her way?
Here is some information on The BooKnack:
The BooKnack of Rock Hill is the regions largest new and used bookstore. We have 8000 square feet of space that is clean and organized, and a staff of book lovers that can help you find the books you have been looking for.
We have a wide variety of categories so that everyone should find something that is of interestto them.

If you are a fan of Kim Harrison, then this is the store that sells signed copies of her books, also Faith Hunter’s.  I LOVE this store and have gone overboard many afternoons searching the shelves.  To find out more about the store please use the link below.

To read more about Crimson Dawn and my work scoot on over to my website:http://www.ronniemassey.com/ or Crimson Dawn’s website:http://crimsondawn.copperhillmedia.com/

Monday, May 23, 2011

Upcoming Guest Spot and a Chance to win prize pack.

Hey everyone.  I know the date is more than a month ahead but I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that E.J. Stevens; author, poet and blogger, has invited me to do a guest author post on her blog.  Of course I accepted.  A new author must jump at every opportunity for exposure.

She has scheduled the interview for Thursday July 21st at her blog, From The Shadows.  Along with the interview there will a giveaway for an 'Evening With a Vampire', prize pack.  I'll remind you when the date gets closer.

Links for E.J. Stevens

author of the Spirit Guide series 


NEVER spend eight hours working in a garden unless you're an Olympic athlete

Or unless you own a farm and you're already accustomed to working outside for more than an hour or two at a time.  Brilliant me decided to go down to my garden last Friday while I was off.  I got there around 10:30 am and immediately started shoveling mulch and laying thick layers of newspaper down to help combat the weeds that I hate pulling.

The sky was overcast and the temperature was great so after an hour of working I thought to myself, hey I might as well keep going and get as much done as I can, while I am in the mood.  I had water, shades, and my Ipod, so I was good to go.  I shoveled and hauled wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of mulch.  I was on my hands and knees pulling up wild morning glories that had already infiltrated my green beans.  I'm telling you, both of my grandmothers, Christine and Donnie, were looking down on me from heaven smiling and channeling me their gardening prowess because I was in the zone.

3 pm came and went and I was still feeling energized so when my cousin came down to work her plots I even helped her mulch hers.  I  shoved and dumped and hoed, elated that my asthma hadn't reared it's ugly head all day.  The finishing touches on my day of work were staking the remainder of my tomatoes, hanging the mesh fence for my cucumbers to run on and stringing up the fence for my pole beans to run on.  I was a little sluggish by then, but still ok...or so I thought.

I headed for my car at exactly 6:35 pm and drove the 3 minute tops drive back home.  By the time I walked up the stairs and through the front door I was hunched over and my feet felt like fire ants had taken up residence in my Adidas.  My oldest daughter though someone had jumped on me I was walking so slow.

I took a shower and got in the bed after taking an Aleve.  I also learned an important lesson.  Unless your body is conditioned to constantly do heavy labor for long periods of time, DON'T PUSH IT.  To do so is a dummy move and one that I will not be repeating ever again.

Never again.  I don't care how good I feel, never again.  It hurt to walk, breathe, roll over, tilt my head...hell it hurts just thinking about it now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Black Moon Rising. Darklife Saga Bk 2 updates

Hey everyone.  I just want to thank everyone that has brought Crimson Dawn in one format or another.  I have been getting some awesome feedback through my website.  Thank You So Much!

A lot of you have been asking about the sequel, Black Moon Rising.  Well I am hard at work on the second Darklife book right now.  I am about 20 chapters into it.  Some of you have asked about a release date...I have no idea when it will be out, but with a little luck, sometime next year.

If you have read Crimson Dawn or/ and one or both of the Darklife Shorts, then please head over to places like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Goodreads, and anywhere that books are reviewed and leave a good review.  Black Moon Rising's future depends on Crimson Dawn's sales so I need help letting people know that C.D. is a book worthy of them spending their hard earned money on.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winter Author Festival 2011!

With the Spotlight On Carolina Authors event behind me, my mind is already thinking about next years event.  As ideas based on things that I learned yesterday ran through my mind the idea for a Winter Author Festival crept up in there along with them.

I believe with a little more planning and more support from the area's authors, I am will be able to turn the Spotlight On Carolina Authors and Winter Author Festival, into annual events in Lancaster.  I have plenty of time to plan and think big so if ANY authors in the NC and SC area would like to participate then by all means drop me a line.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Free Shipping on Crimson Dawn!

I hope that everyone is as over the moon as I am about the release of Crimson Dawn.  It is available now at the Copperhill Media store.  Head on over now and snag you a copy.  As a bonus, here is a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING!!

Free Shipping Code= 110YFESI6RA8

Here is the link to the Copperhill Media Store where you can now purchase your own copy of Crimson Dawn.

Copperhill Media Storefront. Buy Crimson Dawn here!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crimson Dawn has been released!!

The wait is over, Crimson Dawn has been released!  It is available online through my publishers website right now!  It will be available through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles in close to a weeks time; maybe shorter!  Here is the link to grab you a copy.

Buy Crimson Dawn Here!

Followers of this blog will get a coupon code for free shipping!  Just leave a reply to this post and I will send it to you.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Crimson Dawn gets it's first review!

Crimson Dawn has gotten it's first review from the wonderful Sally Sapphire; the web mistress behind the Bibrary Bookslut blog.  Crimson Dawn review

Here is a sample of what she had to say about my novel. 

What Ronnie has also done, and this is what really excited me about the novel, is work in a wondrously diverse system of magic and mythology. Her reality encompasses the fairy realm, old-fashioned genies and golems, traditional witches, and contemporary voodoo - all alongside the vampire, were-beasts, and other races that you'd expect from the urban fantasy genre. Under the guidance of a less talented author this could be a mess, but she makes it work so well we never question it.

 Crimson Dawn is my debut novel and the first in the Darklife Saga.  It will be available online this week from Copperhill Media.  I am running a contest both here and on my website so be sure to check it out.  Also be sure to head over to Frogenyozurt.com and sign up for the newsletter so you can stay on top of all things Crimson Dawn and Darkworld related.