Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fangs and Feathers. A Few Updates. Originally posted at

Sometimes it seems like everything that can happen, happens all at once.  Or in my case, a story pops in my head, followed by two or three others, all screaming “Look at me!”  I am in the process of working on quite a few stories.  One of which is the sequel to a YA title that I wrote called The Road To Was.  I posted a preview ofThe Land of Not, a few weeks ago.  It’s beginning to take shape.  Or rather, it was.   I got about five chapters into it before another story clawed its way to the forefront of my imagination.
The story that I’m focusing on now is titledFractured Souls.  I guess it’s appropriate that that particular story gets a little attention because it’s the sequel to my upcoming Copperhill Media release, UnBound: Battle of the Half-Angels.  Fractured Souls picks up a few months after the events of UnBound, and will find one of the characters dealing with the ramifications of their actions in Unbound.
This character will set off a chain of events that will have my nephillim scrambling to contain the war between heaven and hell, and keeping humans from finding out about it.  If the nephillim fail the outcome will result in a literal, hell on earth.
While UnBound introduces readers to the characters and sees them thrown into the middle of the endless-unseen battle between heaven and hell, for the souls of man, Fractured Souls, willbegin to give readers more insight into the teenage characters.  It will show their struggles to accept the fact that they are half-angels and I hope, will be more of a character driven story, than action one.  Mind you, there will still be plenty of action.  It will also explore the buddingromance between a son of heaven and a daughter of hell.  And you thought your hadrelationship issues.
UnBound: Battle of the Half-Angels, is slated for an April release, from Copperhill Media.  As a little bonus, I have included a preview of Chapter One, at the bottom of this post.  That covered the feathers part of the title, now for the fangs.
I am pleased to tell you guys that the sequel to Crimson DawnBlack Moon Rising, will be making its way to the masses in the next few months.  The next chapter in Valeria and Irulan’s story is on its way and will find my vampire and faerie in fight for not only their lives, but the lives of the entire Trumaine family.
Unbeknown to her, Val made quite a few enemies in the Faelands as she and Irulan hunted for Tristan, Val’s ex-fiance turned psychotic rouge vampire.  And now the chickens are coming home to roost.   Something is hunting the members of Val’s family and no amount of power can help her, if she’s unable to control it.  Val might be faced with making the ultimate sacrifice if she wants to defeat the big nasty that’s gunning for her.
If you’re a regular visitor to, then you may have already read the first two chapters that I posted here.  If not, then be sure to go back and read them.  And if on the off chance that you have not read Crimson Dawn, the first book in my Darklife Saga…What are you waiting for?
Crimson Dawn is an awesome mix of paranormal romance and urban fantasy; equal partsvampy action and romance.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  You can mosey on over to and download the first chapter.  Check it out for yourself.  You can also download the first chapter of UnBound, there also, if you’d rather take your time and read it on an e-reader.
As an added treat for my loyal and uber supportive fans from, an online readingcommunity, I will be publishing my 2010 Watty Awards entry(and finalist story), Freak Among Freaks, and making it a free read for the first month of publication.  Freak Among Freaks, is a YA title that follows David Trumaine, the teenage adopted son of Valeria and Irulan.  Its storyline runs parallel with the events in Black Moon Rising.
These next few months are going to be really busy, but very rewarding for not only myself, but I hope my readers as well.  If you’re interested in any of the titles that I have mentioned, you can check them out via my post here at, or by heading over to my website, .
You can find Crimson Dawn: Darklife Saga BK 1, at AmazonBarnes and Nobles, and wherever books are sold.  For ebooks you can look at amazon for kindle format, or here for all other formats,  .
Now here’s the first chapter of UnBound: Battle of the Half-Angels