Thursday, April 28, 2011

Are We Really Safe With Extras Among Us?

Here is one of the articles that Valeria reads when she finds out that Tristan has gone rogue. 

Vampire from Prominent Family Goes Rogue:
Are We Really Safe with Extra’s Among Us?

Today without the historical records, many of us barely recall the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second on June second nineteen fifty three.  The death of Stalin that same year is a small blimp in the recesses of our minds. What should have been widespread celebration as the New York Yankees won their fifth world series in a row was short-lived as another event that same night caused worldwide panic.
On October fifth mankind got concrete proof that our legends and myths were in fact reality when a lone camera man making the return trip from The Bronx, to his home in Upstate NY, came upon a sight that would change not only his life, but the entire worlds.  The brutal fight between two werewolves that Charles Pinkerton captured on film forever changed the courseof the world.  Within hours of its creation, the video had made the front page news of every major newspaper in America.  In less than two days the story had caused unprecedented panic in countries around the world.

Religious groups protested; calling the werewolves demons from hell and demanding the government begin rooting out the evil elements that had infiltrated our society.  Various Civil Rights groups were quick to step up to bat, calling for an integration of all God’s creatures into the mainstream.  For two months the world’s nations fought with one another over how to handle the paranormal revelation.  No one could agree on what to do, until the subjects of the debate decided to come forward.
On December twenty fifth at twelve a.m. a delegation of Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches walked into a London television station and made history.  Their message; we’re here, we’ve always been here and you have nothing to fear from us.  The broadcast, along with the previous camera footage would jumpstart a year-long ‘coming-out’ known in the history books as The Awakening.  All manner of supernatural creatures came forward ready to live their lives in the open, finally free from the shadows that kept them relatively safe for centuries.
In the fifty eight years since the awakening, mankind has more or less accepted our Extras brethren.  Pop culture has elevated the Extras elite to superstar status; the paparazzi hounding some individuals in the same vein as they do socialites such as Paris Hilton and the Kardashian clan.  We have CMS’s in every major city around the United States.  Many countries have similar institutions; systems not only in place to police and govern the Extras community but to educate the human population about them as well.

There are Extras working alongside humans as doctors, teachers, and lawyers and in various other professions.  There are Extras on Capitol Hill, lobbying for the further equalization of Extras rights and even entire communities compromised of nothing but the super-powered beings.  But did we make the right decision in allowing them such access?
This reporter won’t deny the advantages to having super-powered police officers and doctors with reflexes than put humans to shame.  I won’t take away the fact that through their involvement technology has jumped by leaps and bounds, with many devices now incorporating magic with circuitry.  But with every plus there is a negative.
With the recent news of Vampire playboy Tristan Meriwether turning rouge and leaving a string of dead bodies and missing people in his wake, I along with hundreds if not thousands of others think that maybe we rolled out the welcoming mat far too soon.
Tristan Meriwether was a popular target for the camera from the moment his family stepped into the spotlight.  The youngest son of Southern Vampire Master, Thomas Meriwether and grandson of council member Eric; Tristan was always a bit of a wild child.  He used his family’s high standing and wealth to sleep his way through woman after woman no matter what species they were.  The public followed his exploits, eagerly waiting to see what he would get himself into next but things changed when he began dating Valeria Trumaine.
Valeria Trumaine is the only daughter of Trumaine Enterprises C.E.O., Hadrian Trumaine.  For a while it looked like the socialite would be able to reform the brash playboy.  Ms. Trumaine not only had a record of volunteering but was credited with being the face of face of The Trumaine Foundation; a non-profit that focuses on mentoring urban youth.  For twenty years the world watched the relationship grow until the eve of their wedding it mysteriously fell apart.
For five years Valeria and Tristan fell out of the public’s eye with Ms. Trumaine surfacing occasionally at various family functions.  Since her breakup with Meriwether, Ms. Trumaine has left her position at her family’s company and accepted one within the Charlotte North Carolina CMS, although the facility will not confirm what her duties are.
My question is this, if someone with the pedigree and power of Tristan Trumaine can go rouge and avoid capture whose next?  When the Vampires made themselves know, they assured us that the ruling families were capable of keeping other Vampires in line.  Well who will keep them in line?  So far the Charlotte CMS has been unavailable for comment outside of the general press release that states they have a team accessing the situation.
Until we receive some answers from the CMS or the Vampire Council, the human population is left to wonder, are we really safe with Extras among us?

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