Saturday, April 2, 2011

Third Short Not Ready

     Sadly I have to come to you guys and admit that I am not done writing the third Darklife Short.  I have been busy planning my book launch, which has grown a lot larger than I could have ever imagined.  My launch is now a part of my hometown's Red Rose Festival.  There will be live entertainment, multiple author book signings, giveaways, and more.  Getting all the ducks in a row is taking away from my writing time.  But I am getting there.

I would have been finished with it by now, but I have this fascination with the new character Lawless, that I am trying to hold back.  Everything scene that I write her into, she ultimately ends up dominating and I don't want that.  I thought about cutting her but she is crucial to the storyline so...  Eh, I'll work it out.  Sooner rather than later I hope.  I really gotta get it together and uploaded.

Maybe I need to turn off The Lost Boys so I can concentrate.

As a reminder, head over to my website and check out the DarkWorld Forums!  There is a contest there that will run until the May 6th.

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