Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Val and Irulan have a song!

When I sat down and started thinking of unique ways to promote Crimson Dawn, I began to think, hey what about a theme song or a song for Val and Irulan.  Now I do write songs here and there,but with my head consumed by vampires and werewolves and such, I couldn't put myself in that frame of mind.

Well thanks to Arlan Hamilton's blog Your Daily Lesbian Moment, I discovered The Lost Bois, a duo from D.C. that are making their mark on the queer music scene.  These two females, B. Steady and A.O, are insanely talented and I have fallen in love with their unique style of pop-hip-hop-r&b, folky music.  The more I listened to not only their music together, but B. Steady's work as a solo artist, the more I saw how perfect their music would be for Val and Irulan.

I went out on a limb and emailed them and amazingly enough, B. Steady emailed me back and agreed to work on something.  Well, as I said I am a huge fan and I had a song in mind and LUCKY me, she has agreed to allow me to use her original song Autumn as Val and Irulan's song!!

The lyrics are so perfect for Irulan and the way she feels for Val.  I can almost close my eyes and see Irulan humming the song to herself as she thinks about Val.  

After you watch B.Steady sing Autumn, mosey on over to Itunes and snag you a copy.  Better yet, download her entire cd, Sunday Morning and grab a couple of Lost Bois songs while you're at it.  The Lost Bois Reading Rainbow is so on point.

The Lost Bois Website

Now for another bit if info.  I had the pleasure of doing my first interview with Ms. Tiptress, the web mistress behind Passion Reads.  She is a book blogger with a very unique way of doing reviews.  Ms. Tiptress doesn't write reviews that point out plot strengths and weaknesses.  She doesn't write spoilers or comment on writing style.  The reviews she writes are based upon how the characters and their story made her feel and how she related to them.  She calls them 'conversational reviews'.  I for one love her way of reviewing.

Aside from the interview, she has also reviewed both of the Darklife Shorts, Never Again: An Irulan Short and UnSpoken: A Val and Irulan Short.  Here's a link to her site and the interview.


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  1. WOW, I really like the song. I cant wait to listen to this song while reading the book XD