Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Next Darklife Short

Well now that the first Darklife short has successfully reached the reading masses, it's time to get the second one ready.  I am almost finished the first draft of UnSpoken: A Valeria and Irulan Short.

If you've read Never Again, then you know a little about my favorite Sidhe princess, Irulan (yeah I know she's got the same name as Paul's sister from Dune).  Well this story will introduce you all to Valeria Trumaine; Irulan's best friend, roommate, and resident vampire Sentinel/ media darling.  Valeria is actually the main protagonist in Crimson Dawn, so I wanted to make sure the next short introduced her in all her borderline snarky glory.

Valeria is the type of vampire that I would want to be; unapologetic when she fells she's right even if the odds are stacked against her.  Val is unafraid to stand up for the little guy; independent and stubborn and fiercely protective of the people that she loves.  She's also got a bit of a trouble maker streak in her but the trouble is instigated for the right reasons.

I hope to have the story ready by next Friday at the latest.  I'll post when it's up and ready for purchase on Amazon and Goodreads, so be sure to drop by and keep updated!

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