Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not enough hours

There are not enough hours in the day.  How often do you guys hear or say that yourself?  In the past I haven't been one to utter those eight words very often because the mother to two daughters, I've gotten accustomed to not having time for everything.  But damn!  December has been one big blur and and now I find myself staring down deadlines and trailing so far behind of things that I usually have done by now.

I have sets to build BY TUESDAY for a Christmas program that I do every year at work for my residents.  i have presents to wrap, a big ass tree that I cant even reach the top of the finish decorating and all the lights that I put up outside the house yesterday don't look as full as I thought they would.  I've gotta hang more lights and it's COLD AS A SON OF A B...well. you get the picture.

I'm getting off of the internet and pushing the laptop away from me.  Today I will finish all my real world applications that are screaming for my attention and tomorrow I am all your cyberspace.  On second thought, I need to write.  So tomorrow I write!!

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