Monday, December 13, 2010

And so it begins

And so it begins.  I just read over the publishing contract again.  Each time I read it and the email, it becomes a little more real.  March isn't that far away and there is a lot that I need to get done.  One word pops in my head and repeats itself over and over and over.  Market!!

I have to come up with some awesome marketing ideas and ways to expand the 'awareness of Ronnie' beyond the boarders of wattpad and a the few other writing sites that I frequent.  I have been asked to write a guest blog post for wattpad, which is awesome.  I really do owe a lot to that site.  Nothing motivates me like knowing that people are actually reading and liking my work and my awesome fans on wattpad provided me with that in spades.

So people, I come to this.  Send me your ideas.  Let me know what you think that I should do to spread the word about my forthcoming novel.  Think vampires (yes vampires), faeries, and lots of action.

The top 3 ideas will be incorporated in my book launch party and the brains that come up with the ideas will be treated with themed prize baskets!!  I'll post tomorrow with more details!

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