Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March updates and a little character insight

Hi everyone.  March is here.  Am I the only one that feels like this years is rolling on by at an incredibly fast pace?  I hope not.  March is a pretty good month for my family and I.  We have two birthdays to celebrate.  Both my sister LeAnna and her oldest daughter Tiara have birthdays this month.  Tiara will be sixteen, wow…that makes me feel really old.

Aside from the birthdays, there is also the release of the second Darklife Short, UnSpoken: A Val and Irulan Short, on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in e-book format.  They should be available for purchase later on today.  As of right now, I don’t have a review, but a few people have copies and I will post a link to one as soon as it’s posted online.

What else is special about the month of March?  It brings us one month closer to the release of Crimson Dawn!  Pause…pinch myself…do my happy dance.  Now that that’s out of my system, I wanted to give you guys a little information about the book’ vampire hierarchy and the main protagonist, vampire, Valeria Trumaine.

Breakdown of vampire types:

I wanted to stay true to the classic vampire myth and have my own twist so I created three main types of vampires.

My deadborns are the closest to the classic vampire. They are drained to the point of death and made vampire. So among vampires they are more common because they're the easiest to make and actually the weakest of the species. They have enhanced strength, speed, senses. They can't tolerate the sunlight, and they die in order to become vamps. They have no mental, telepathic abilities whatsoever, so they can't put victims in a thrall. This is because their bodies didn't have time to adjust to the change.

Lifeborns are the next type of made vampire. They are changed into vampires over a period of time, the toxins in vampire blood introduced in small quantities over a manner of time, giving their body more time to adjust to the change. They have all abilities that have, and they have mental abilities. Lifeborns are stronger than deadborns. And are generally former friends of their sires and very close to them.

My Purebloods are at the top of the vampire hierarchy.  They are born vampires, they have all the abilities of the other two types times ten. They have mental abilities including glamouring a person's mind, projecting and controlling thoughts. They can shift forms depending on the type of pureblood they are. They are fully capable of having kids (duh Ronnie). They can go out in the sunlight for periods of time depending on the age and power of the vamp. They can also gain power boost from bloodkin by totally draining their victims. Purebloods have telepathic abilities, element control, etc depending on the type.

Their are only a handful pureblood families left,compared to their original numbers.  The top five, are for the most part the ruling body of the vampire nation. There are four types of purebloods. Lamia, Succubi and Incubi, the original type that the others descended from, and the Nosferatu.  Over time and the course of the series and other novels set in the Darklife world, you will see more of the other types of purebloods.

All of my vampires are vulnerable to stakes through the heart. They can heal any other wound except maybe beheading. All other vamps are afraid of fire except the purebloods. All of the vampire types have healing factors but made vampires also rely on the day-sleep to heal larger injuries (say a severed hand that has to be reattached).  Purebloods only have to increase their blood consumption.
In the mixed human\ Extra society, the acceptable way for vampires to feed is with bagged blood, but a lot of vampires still hunt their victims and just wipe their memory.  There are also mixed clubs that humans who volunteer to be donors, frequent.  (Val hates the taste of bagged blood).

The world that I am creating for my novels has all types of supernatural creatures that co-exist with humans.  It isn't an easy coexistence at times, because humans have only known about the Extras (Extra Species), for about sixty years, due to a goof up made by two alpha werewolves who got caught on film.  This revelation is called The Awakening.  As a result of humans fascination with the extras, some of the prominent members are followed around by paparazzi much like actors, singers, and athletes are in reality.

Valeria, a ninety-eight year old, pureblood vampire is one of America's so-called vampire princesses and has lived a good portion of her life under the harsh glare of the publics eye as a kind of vamp socialite.  Val is a bit of a smart mouth and has a tendency to leap before she looks, but she's fiercely loyal and protective of the people that she loves.

After a life changing event that made her re-evaluate her life, Valeria began to shy away from the cameras when she became a Sentinel, which is pretty much a cop for the Extras community.  As a result, she also has firm sense of right and wrong and sometimes has trouble  fitting who she wants to be into her life, because of what is expected of her as a daughter of two great vampire houses.

I love writing Valeria.  Through her, I am able to be the smart mouthed person that my mother and grandmothers upbringing keeps at bay.  Southern Women: What can I say?

Valeria grows so much in Crimson Dawn because a lot is thrown at her in such a short time, it's either sink or swim.  Through Val I am also able to mirror some of my own experiences and fears.  Her trepidation at coming out, the struggle a person goes through when they realize they are different, the butterflies that take up resident in your stomach with the onset of finding a new love...It's all in there.

Did I just say the months were flying by?  After writing all of this, I'm ready to see my creation in my hands.  April seems a little farther away than it did a few moments ago.  Come on April!!

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