Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Black Moon Rising: DarkLife Saga Book II: Chapter 2 Sneak Peek

Hi everyone. A few weeks ago I posted the first chapter of Black Moon Rising, the sequel to Crimson Dawn. If you are unfamiliar with Crimson Dawn, it is the first book in my DarkLife Saga and revolves around a pureblood vampire named Valeria Trumaine. The first book introduces readers to not only Val, but her best friend Irulan, and a host of other supernatural beings. It follows the two women as they try to apprehend Val’s ex-fianceturned rogue. I must admit that I take the ladies on a wild ride as they race top stop Tristan from killing and turning innocent people.
Black Moon Rising picks up three months after the events in Crimson Dawn and it’s a new ballgame for Val and Irulan. Val goes through many changes in Crimson Dawn and has to dealwith some of the ramifications of those changes in B.M.R. Readers will also get to know some other members of Valeria’s family such as her twin brother Valerian and her adopted son David, whom readers were introduced to in Crimson Dawn.
Black Moon Rising, I hope, will prove to be just as thrilling a ride as Crimson Dawn is. I am deep into re-writes, but decided to post a few sneak peeks anyway.
If you missed the first chapter of Black Moon Rising, you can read it here: http://frogenyozurt.com/2011/12/dark-life-saga-book-2-black-moon-rising-sneak-peak/
You can read more about Crimson Dawn here: http://crimsondawn.copperhillmedia.com/
Crimson Dawn: Darklife Saga Bk 1, is available now from Copperhill Media in paperback and ebook format at Amazon, All Romance EBooks.com, Barnes and Nobles.com, and other places books are sold.
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You can read more about all my DarkLife/DarkWorld titles and my other works at my website http://www.ronniemassey.com/.
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To read the second chapter of Black Moon Rising, please go here:

Black Moon Rising: DarkLife Saga Book II: Chapter 2 Sneak Peek

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