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My Top Celesbian Actresses. Originally posted at

In the entertainment industry, an admission of homosexuality was once a career-killer.  Celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Elton John helped change the idea of what a lesbian or gay man looks like. Today celebs are coming out of the closet and their careers are suffering none for it.  Gillian Anderson, forever and always FBI agent Dana Scully, and the object of many a lesbians affections (including my own), recently came out as having had affairs with women.  You go girl!  Kinda gives new life to my X-Files fantasies.
Anyhoo, with Gillian Anderson’s recent revelation, I have decided to do my personal list of top Celesbian (Celebrity+Lesbian) Actresses. After the top eleven, you’ll also find a few honorable mentions and my ‘wish list’.

Here we go.

Top Eleven Celebsian Actresses

11: Ellen DeGeneres: Lesbian

In 1997 Ellen changed the media’s perception of lesbians when she did the unprecedented act of coming out, not only on her hit TV show, but in true life also. Since then she’s been linked to some of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies until one, Portia de Rosi, made an honest women out of her by becoming her wife.

10: Kristanna Loken: Bisexual

Why is she on this list?  Although she’s not a lesbian, Ms. Loken identifies as bisexual.  The woman first caught movie goers attention as the bad-assed terminator that handed Arnold his tail in T3, played BloodRayne (kick ass vampire, movie could have been better, but it’s a cult hit now), and frequently acts in sci-fi and fantasy based works.  Aside from that, she did a stint on Showtime’s The L Word, as one of the few females to capture Shane’s heart. If that’s not enough, the woman is just insanely hot.

9: Evan Rachel Wood: Bisexual

This bisexual actress makes the list for numerous reasons.  Not only is she beautiful, she’s also played a vampire, bringing Louisiana’s Queen Sophie to life on True Blood, before meeting her untimely death because of Bill.  Not only did she portray a southerner on the show, she’s a Southern Belle in real life.  Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Wood came out in an interviewwith Esquire, stating that when she’s in relationships with women, she’s a perfect southern gentleman, opening doors and such for her companion.  You go girl, representing the Carolinas!
Wood as Queen Sophie from HBO's True Blood

8 : Gillian Anderson: Bisexual

Dana Scully, enough said!


7: Drew Barrymore: Bisexual

Like many people my age, we first saw Ms. Barrymore play Gertie, on ET.  This actress went on to a number of roles that cemented her place as one of the top child actresses of the 80’s.  The 90’s brought on Barrymore’s rebellious teenager phase, but she made it through to go on and become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after, leading ladies.  She has talked about being bisexual on many occasions.

6: Leisha Hailey: Lesbian

This is my list’s second lesbian.  More than just an actress, Leisha Hailey first came onto the entertainment scene as a member of the group, The Murmurs.  From there she went on to star in a series of Yoplait commercials and then onto the cable series, The L Word.  Although she has gone back to her musical roots and become a member of the duo, Uh Huh Her, she will always be Alice Pieszecki, the bisexual journalist who fell in love with her friend Dana and became a scene-stealing, fan favorite on the hit Showtime series.
Leisha Hailey as Alice from the Showtime series, the L Word.

5: Nicole Pacent: Bisexual

Mainstream tv viewers might not know who this actress is, but the star of the acclaimed lesbian web series, Anyone but Me, has hordes of fans.  This bi-actress, along with costar Rachel Hip-Flores, make up the uber cute couple, Aster and Vivian, with Nicole playing Aster. If you’ve never heard of the show, head to youtube and check it out.  It’s a wonderful series.  Nicole is the current ‘it’ girl of lesbian cinema, and has been getting comparisons to Angelia Jolie.  It’s the lips…

4: Jasika Nicole: Lesbian

Don’t know the name?  You’re obviously not one of the legions of Fringe fans who know this lesbian as jr FBI agent, Astrid Farnsworth. On Fringe, Astrid is usually found in the lab with Walter.   An honorary Carolinian, Nicole attended Catawba College, in Salisbury, NC.    More than just an actress, Nicole is also an uber talented illustrator.  Drop by her website and check out her work.

3: Jessica Clark: Lesbian

Jessica Clark as Lillith from HBO's True Blood
This British model of Indian and Nigerian descent has begun to make the transition intoacting.  Her first role was in a 2010 short titled Sara.  Her most recognized role to date, is that of the vampire Goddess Lilith, on HBO’s True Blood (me thinks I see a pattern emerging).  Married to professional trainer Lacey Stone, Clark will bare her fangs in this Sunday’s season finale of the vampire series.

 2: Angelina Jolie: Bisexual

I think Angelina’s inclusion on this list is a given.  No one, straight or gay, can make a list of the top ten lesbian anything, and not include Jolie.  The woman has a heart as big as she is sexy.  A noted humanitarian and UN ambassador, Jolie identifies as bisexual and was in a relationship with lesbian model/actress Jenny Shimizu.  Aside from that, the woman switches effortlessly from dramatic to action roles without skipping a beat.  There’s something about a tough girl that just…sorry, got sidetracked.

1: Michelle Rodríguez…that’s a tough one

Although this actress frequently denies being a lesbian, she was outed by #10, her BloodRayne co-star and ex-girlfriend, Kristianna Loken, in an interview with The Advocate.  She has however, admitted to experimenting with both sexes.  Whatever she is, Rodriguez has made a name for herself with ‘tough-girl’ roles, in which she shines.  She’s beautiful, sexy, and kick-ass; all excellent reasons for a semi-closeted woman to be at the top of my list.  She is my ultimate celeb-crush.  Well…her and Xena, but Xena aint real.

Honorable mentions

Anna Paquin: Bisexual

Paquin on the set of Trick R' Treat
This woman has played a mutant, a werewolf, and a mind-reading, vampire-loving, faerie.  What’s not to love?!

Portia de Rosi: Lesbian

 Mrs. Ellen DeGeneres, herself.  This actress has a string of movie rolls and 2 hit tv shows under her belt.

Heather Matarazzo: Lesbian

This actress was in the indie hit, Welcome to the Dollhouse, before portraying Princess Mia’s best friend in the Princess Diaries.  You can see her in season 1 of the lesbian series, Ex’s and Oh’s.

Nicole Pina: Lesbian

This Latina star of the lesbian web series, The Lovers and Friends Show, is gorgeous.  Her show is one of the longest running lesbian web-series out there.  Look it up, people.

Now here’s my wish list (in no particular order)

Gabrielle Union

There are no words to express this actress’s level of hotness. She’s sexy, talented and she’s played a Klingon!  People first took notice of this actress when she played, Isis, leader of the Toro’s rival cheerleading squad, in 2000’s Bring It On.  Since then she’s gone on to star in numerous roles both on the small and large screen.

Sanaa Lathan

Here’s another smoking hot actress who’s played a vampire.  She played the mother of Daywalker, Blade.  Aside from her sci-fi roles in Blade, and Aliens vs Predators, Ms. Lathan is known for her roles in numerous romantic comedies, such as Love and Basketball, Something New and Brown Sugar.

Ashley Greene

Another vampire (I might need help), this one of Twilight fame.  While she has moved on to grittier roles since her time as a sparkly blood drinker, Ashley will forever be known as Alice Cullen…and for those SoBe ads.  Gotta love vitamin water and body paint.

Zoe Saldana

She hasn’t played a vampire, but she’s been an assassin (twice), a cat-faced, blue alien and Uhura.  Although she’s not a lesbian, she has played one in After Sex, in which she starred with another ‘gay-for-pay’ actress, Mila Kunis.

Kate Beckinsale

I’ve got this thing for kick-ass women and this actress has proven herself to be a wonderful action star.  From the vampire Death-Dealer Selene, to ruthless Lori, in this summer’s Total Recall remake, this woman portrays deadly, very well.

Janina Gavankar

 Janina is another alum of Showtime’s, The L Word.  The actress of Indian descent, played the lesbian-Latina-Lothario, Papi.  Since her time on the series, this self-professed sci-fi and gaming-geek, has gone on to play a zombie/ghoul, on the short lived ABC series, The Gates, and is currently starring on True Blood, as the shape-shifting, Luna.

And last but not least…

Kristen Stewart

This is my last pick for my wish list and with the amount of actresses that have portrayed vampires, I think I’m gonna call my therapist in a bit.  But for now, anyone that knows me, knows that I L-O-V-E this girl.  Whatever your opinions are of her acting abilities, or the Twilight films that she’s help build into a billion dollar film franchise, she’s hot.  Now I will take this moment to offer my hand in marriage.  If you see this post, Kristen Stewart, and think about testing the Sapphic waters in the future, I’m your girl!

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