Saturday, June 30, 2012

UnBound: Battle of the Half-Angels, Another Enjoyable Young Adult Read by Ronnie Massey

UnBound: Battle of the Half-Angels, Another Enjoyable Young Adult Read by Ronnie Massey


The one thing I like most about UnBound: Battle of the Half-Angels, besides the exciting adventures of Justin and Theo, is Ronnie Massey’s trademark casual tone in which she writes. Well, I am not a teenager anymore, but I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style, and I am sure every young adult who loves fantasy novels will be drawn quickly into the story line.
And, of course, I myself was totally into the story line. It all starts of with the Archangel Michael who is looking for his son, Justin. In the course of assembling an army of two to fight Lucifer, he also has Uriel, another fellow, but black archangel, contact his son, Theo. The whole scenario of how the both of them struggle to convince their offspring that they are, in fact, half-angels, the interaction between Justin and Theo when they meet, and the clumsy discovery of their supernatural powers is filled with fun and excitement. Very soon after they mastered these powers somewhat half-way, the two of them have to leave for a face-off with Lucifer, the dark angel.
Lucifer himself has a daughter, Gloria, and his attempts to convince her and her brother to join his army, are not quite as successful as Michael’s and Uriel’s. In fact, Gloria, herself a teenager too, feels drawn to be in the company of the two boys, and that leaves a lot of room for some teenage romance a la Romeo & Juliet. Did she fall in love with either one, Justin or Theo? Well, there is not enough time to find out as the two boys are engaged in a serious battle that could even end up with their deaths.
Over all, UnBound: Battle of the Half-Angels is a very enjoyable read, and I am looking forward to Book Two of the Nephillim Chronicles. – Wilfried F. Voss, Author of The Bleeding Hills

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